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platform 01

Training Service System

We develop air defense weapon education and training system
that enables multilateral cooperation using virtual reality such as VR/AR/MR.
  • Air defense weapon (portable SAM, Vulcan) tactical education and training system using VR technology
  • Maximize immersion with SRA system
  • An environment for mastery training of equipment operation procedures for each armament
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nhm 6300
platform 02

VR-based Realistic
Disaster and Safety Control

Contents Development

Based on virtual reality technology, we develop an active first aid education and training system by creating realistic disaster safety content based on the simulation of a disaster.
  • Development of VR-based simulation content that maximizes immersion and realism
  • Flexibility in scenarios with M&S and VR technology
  • First aid training to preserve and restore combat power
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We develop various core technologies of the 4th industrial revolution such as stable multi-service linkage and digital twin implementation by designing and applying our own technology-based products to implement Smart Factory.
  • Commercialization and Application Based on Our Own Technology

    Optimized Simulation of Multi-linkage such as N-Way settings of input-output / Multiparameter / Model management / Process linkage framework

  • Approach by Operating “Automated Optimization of Simulation”

    Aim for strategic importance (economic effects) and ease of execution (convenient technology) for companies requiring automation

  • Reduction of Development Period and Cost

    Shifted to the development of SW components using patented technology and made 9 types of SW component products for process site application

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We provide VR-based multi-collaborative education and training contents that maximize immersion and realism.
  • 우수성

    Interactive Platform

  • 독창성

    Active Multi-collaborative Education and Training System

  • 차별성

    Real-time Synchronization and Maximized Immersion

  • 기술성

    Flexible Object Motion Control

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